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Adkins Pro Lighting 400 Watt Ground Fogger Adkins Pro Lighting 400 Watt Fogger Adkins Pro Lighting 700 Watt Fogger
Adkins Pro Lighting 1000 Watt Fogger Adkins Pro Lighting 400 Watt Snow Machine Adkins Pro Lighting 600 Watt Snow Machine
Adkins Pro Lighting Bubble Juice Adkins Pro Lighting Fog Juice Adkins Pro Lighting Snow Fluid
Adkins Pro Lighting Bubble Machine LED Lighted Bubble Machine Fog Machine with Multi Colored LED Lights W/Remote
Fog Machine - Adkins Professional 500 Watt Mini Fog Machine with Remote Fog Machine Laser Combo W/Remote
Adkins Pro Lighting is your source for fog machines, bubble machines and snow machines. Shop with confidence at these online retailers, CheapDJGear.us, CheapDJLighting.com, ProSoundDepot.com, EliminatorLightingDirect.com or at Amazon.com.

We offer a full range of foggers of virtually every type from ground foggers to the compact 400, 700 and high powered 1000 watt machines. You'll discover the perfect fogger, the right fog machine fluid and timer remotes so you'll be ready for your next function or Halloween event.

Create a festive party atmosphere with an Adkins Pro lighting bubble machine. Our bubble machines produce hundreds of bubbles and feature a built-in fan which blows the bubbles up and away. The bubble machines feature a compact case and built-in carrying handle that makes it ideal for mobile DJs and club use. Kids and adults alike enjoy floating bubbles at birthday and graduation parties or weddings.

Our snow machines produce a mist of extremely fine foam particles that when dispersed by the internal fan look and falls just like real snow. Even close up it's hard to tell the difference. Use a snow machine at a company party, in a holiday store display or at a party at your home.